Managed Services

Your Payroll & HR Business Partner

What are Managed Services?

Our team becomes an extension of your company. A HR Business Partner at your disposal without the headcount. A cost-effective full service solution.

Add HR & payroll expertise without adding the cost of a headcount to your team

Your account manager takes on the responsibility of HR for your organisation, ensuring employee profiles are kept up to date, and payrolls are run on time and correctly. Other HR issues are also dealt with such as employment contracts.

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All the basics covered

Need your employees onboarded, employee profiles completed, basic right to work checks done and documentation uploaded? Managed Services ensures all the basics are covered and that your payroll is run on time and accurately.

An extra HR resource when you need it

Whether it's about managing your headcount planning, recruiting strategy and execution or you simply want a person to be the face of your organisation for your employees and prospective job applicants, Managed Services takes care of it.

Slack messages over to your account manager because we are part of your team

Every business knows that when working with outside vendors such as accountants, lawyers, and other professional services, there is a delay in communication. With Managed Services you will have your own Slack Channel for immediate real time communication with our team so your account manager will start resolving your issue from the moment he or she is informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get all the Managed Services or can I just have payroll?

Our Managed Services is can be customised from simply performing an outsourced payroll bureau service to tackling the strategic and operational duties of an HR Business Partner. The level of service you require is selected in the initial sign up process and can be changed on-demand as needed.

What will your team do with Newpayroll?