Automatic Shift Scheduling

Newpayroll's Shift Manager automatically creates shifts based on employee and organisation preferences

Never have to create and organise employee timetables ever again

Newpayroll Main Dashboard

Set your organisation's working time preferences and automatically generate rotas

Create your working team's working time profile, set soft and hard constraints, and then let the Newpayroll's Shift Optimiser Engine automatically create optimised timetables for your team with a click of a button.

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Keep your employees productive and happy by accommodating their preferences

Let your employees generate working time preferences in their profiles, setting work start and end times daily, morning and evening & weekend preferences. The Optimiser Engine will match the right person to the best shift.

Automatically record clock in and clock out times

Use the system generated barcode scanner in the iOS mobile app or turn on Geo-Location to enable automatic shift start and shift end times to be recorded.

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Rota Schedule View

Approve, re-allocate & cancel shift assignments as you react to last minute changes

Drag'n drop employee shift assignments on the calendar to re-allocate shifts in real time in seconds.

Save time and effort and get superior outcomes

Set employee times

Add in legal time constraints, company specific time off and rest intervals, and other scheduling rules as needed.

Personal characteristics

Generate employee sensitive characteristics profiles to track and reduce unconscious bias and favouritism in shift allocation.


Calculate employee shift time to full-time salaries Make organisational announcements and specify live dates so the messages are only visible when you decide.

Set role permissions

Specify which roles are eligible for certain tasks. For example specify who has access to the front door key or which person can be allocated to manage the customer service desk.

Training & compliance

Add training history to employee profiles so that they are eligible for roles based on whether they have the training and know how to perform the role.

Time-off management

Let employees request time-off, let managers review time-off requests and set custom black out dates, company holidays and custom rules per employee.

Intelligent shift matching

Generate shifts that best match employee preferences and organisational settings. Set soft and hard constraints to enable acceptance ranges.

Workforce cost calculated

Automatically calculate total workforce cost based on employee work time completed and automated payroll calculations.

Mobile app

Let employees manage their schedules from their phones, request changes, book time off, and get the latest announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I override the shift generated by the system?

Yes, all shift assignments can be modified by the manager simply by dragging and dropping the location of the shift on the interactive calendar.

Does it support multiple locations?
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