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Keep employee data organised. Software to free up valuable time for you and your employees.

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Managing employee data just got a whole lot easier

Employees know what their addresses are, they also know when they moved and what their NI numbers are. Newpayroll allows employees to login and update their details so you don't have to input it yourself.

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Newpayroll Employee Search

An employee directory that enables fast search and browsing

Need to look up an employee or update his or her details. Superfast software architecture lets you do this almost instantaneously as you click.

Customisable privacy features

Some fields should not be visible to certain user groups, e.g. salary or personal phone numbers. Our customisable privacy setting on sensitive fields enables you to specify which user groups can view, edit or update.

Newpayroll Employee Privacy Field
Newpayroll Mobile Screenshot

Mobile first interface so you and your employees can use Newpayroll on the go

Employees often view payslips and update their HR data on the go. With a mobile first design interface and user flow, employees can navigate, download their payslips, P60s and enter their expenses.

Designed for HR managers and business owners

Our HR & Payroll has been designed to enable you to run payroll with minimal expertise, enabling you to wrestle control away from third party providers and complete tasks in seconds with a few clicks.

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