Multiple steps with one click.

Software that lets you run payroll from start to finish in minutes.

Reliable, accurate and automatic payroll software

You don’t need to be an accountant to run payroll anymore. You are now empowered to run the entire HR and Payroll function, from onboarding new employees to calculating payroll and sending payment to employees.

Accurate calculations

Automatically calculate tax, pensions and other deductions.

Verified and secure

Software recognised by HMRC for PAYE RTI submissions.

Absences and leaves

Holiday tracking and approval system built in.

Easy payments

Auto upload pay template to your bank.

Payroll Dashboard Main View

Pension settings and interations

With pensions enabled, you can easily customise contributions based on qualifying earnings, percentage of salary or a fixed amount. Payrolls automatically synchronised with your existing pension provider using integrations.

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Accurate payroll calculations with expenses

Payroll & HR enables you ensure employee HR data are for always up to date for payroll submissions and individual profiles are matched with employee expenses.

Automatic journal entries with accountancy software

Newpayroll can be set to manual or automatic payroll journal creation to give you the flexibility to upload your journal or automatic post based on payroll runs.

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Designed for HR managers and business owners

Our HR & Payroll has been designed to enable you to run payroll with minimal expertise, enabling you to wrestle control away from third party providers and complete tasks in seconds with a few clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newpayroll better than using Xero or Quickbooks?

Xero and Quickbooks are primarily accounting software packages whereas Newpayroll is a dedicated payroll software application. Our primary focus is on optimising the payroll experience whereas an accounting software package's primary focus is on helping companies manage the books.

Our focus is on enabling employee self-serve (e.g. letting employees edit their own data and view their payrolls) and enabling payroll administrators to spend as little time and effort in running each payroll.

How do employees get their own payslips?
How many employees can I add?
Are pensions supported?
Can I connect Newpayroll to my accounting software?
Does Newpayroll track holiday requests?
Do I have to send an employee his or her payslip?
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