Our Switching Service

Switching systems is a hassle. Let our team manage the switch for you.

Moving systems doesn’t have to be difficult

It can take as little as a day to get your account set up

1. Migration with historical data

Some of our customers do not need any historical data, in which case we setup the user profiles and your account to match your existing data. In other cases, we can migrate data for up to 4 years' history from your existing system. Our team will use data from your existing system, reformat and import them where possible.

2. Setup without migrating legacy data from your existing system

We test and verify each user profile and administrative account to ensure there is continuity for your organisation.

With or without data migration, our team will make sure you are set up and ready to start

Payroll history

Retain all YTD payroll history in the current tax year and previous tax years.

Holiday balances

Transfer employee time-off starting balances to enable roll-over, employee tenure and other data to be retained.

Dedicated Manager

A member of the Newpayroll's transition team will take care of the entire setup and onboarding for your organisation.

Staff training

Live one-to-one training is provided to your team to help make the transition seamless.

Employee self-serve

Each employee will receive his or her own account to login to Newpayroll.

Organisation settings

Your organisation’s settings are transferred to Newpayroll so that you can continue as if you have always used Newpayroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the switching process take?

The switching time is affected by various factors involving how many years of historical data you want to import into Newpayroll and the formatting of exported data and the number of employee profiles that will be imported.

For example, if you do not need prior history and just want your accounts setup for your existing process, this normally takes less than a day. If your organisation has more than 25 employees, and former and current employee data are imported, the process can take up to a week.

In general our past experience suggests it takes between 3 to 10 working days but this is highly dependent on the data format, the years of historical data that are desired and the number of employees past and present in the organisation.

What will your team do with Newpayroll?