Integration with Slack

Learn more about Newpayroll's integration with Slack

About Slack

Slack is a company messaging application that was founded in California and is now owed by Salesforce.


What is Slack?

Slack is a powerful messaging app that enables people who are part of an organisation to communicate with each other using messages, files, videos and pictures.

How does Newpayroll work with Slack?

Newpayroll sends important notifications to the Slack API which enables users to be alerted instantly when new messages are created. For example, if there has been a change in shift times or a new shift time becomes available as a result of running the optimiser engine, this will be communicated. If a new payslip has been generated or salary has been paid, notifications are likewise also delivered.

Other useful features are Slack notifications when a payroll has run, or a new holiday request is waiting to be approved and many other customisable notifications.

What will your team do with Newpayroll?