The 7 reasons to choose cloud-based HR software

The 7 reasons to choose cloud-based HR software

Cloud HCM solutions are now being used by more and more small and medium-sized businesses that value the comfort of work.

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Cloud HCM solutions are now being used by more and more small and medium-sized businesses that value the comfort of work. Additionally, cloud solutions provide convenient and secure access to data, regardless of the location of employees. This in turn reduces IT infrastructure management costs. See why you should choose cloud-based HR software!

1. Remote working

Although remote working was already popular, during the covid pandemic, the shift to remote working has become a global trend. What's more, companies are increasingly realising that the remote working model works and many do not have plans to bring back employees to their offices.

2. Hardware infrastructure

Using the cloud solution eliminates the need to maintain an expensive local infrastructure. When choosing cloud-based solution, such as ShiftAI solution, we ensure the performance and the access to the service at any time.

3. Software infrastructure

Business software requires a license for the operating system or databases. It is necessary to purchase dedicated licences, anti-virus software and prepare backup facilities. A client using the ShiftAI solution does not need to handle or, even less, be familiar with any programs, systems, licences and databases.

4. Support

ShiftAI ensures continuous support by support service available via webchat or telephone. This eliminates the need for the client to employ additional HR or IT staff or hire external services to provide the support.

5. Security

The security of company data and stability of operation is of paramount importance, especially when a considerable part of work is done remotely. The company using a cloud-based HR system may focus on its current business activity, while the cloud-based infrastructure, commonly hosted on platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud provide:

  • Constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure Performance enhancement, security and data access control
  • Updates to the servers hosting the software
  • protection against external attacks
  • Regular backups of the databases

6. Predictable costs

The user using the cloud-based HR service receives a simplified billing model in the form of a monthly subscription. In practice, this means that for a set price, the user receives access to continuous updates to the software system, a reduced licence fee that is amortised over the time period the software is actually needed by the user, and a host of other benefits.

7. Continuous access to company data

The biggest advantage of cloud-based systems is that every employee has access to the data he or she needs from anywhere via the Internet and in some cases using a company VPN. Thanks to this, they can dynamically and effectively make decisions relevant to their organisation. This is especially important for companies with a dispersed, multi-branch structure, which conduct business based on a network of mobile employees, e.g. field representatives. In the current epidemic where remote working is the standard model due to the large geographical territories that the reps cover.

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